We Can Win

Glenn Ross and Andy Ellis for MD House of Delegates, District 45

Election Day is almost here and Early Voting is less than a day away! Glenn, Andy, and our dedicated volunteers have been working for over a year to get us this far. Going out in the dark of winter and the heat of summer, we have reached out directly to THOUSANDS of voters in every corner of East and Northeast Baltimore. We'd say it was hard work, but it was also exhilarating. So many Baltimore residents are ready for a change and know that it's time to stop choosing more of the same... IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE GAME.

The numbers are there. The will is there. The energy is there. With your help in this final push WE CAN WIN.

It's time that Baltimore threw off its long history of politicians putting Party and Profit over the People. Our agenda is a people-first set of solutions we developed by listening to what people actually want, not what lobbyists and consultants tell us will bring in big corporate donations.

  • We want a $15 Minimum Wage NOW
  • We want to establish a permanent District 45 Stakeholders Coalition so that residents will always have a direct voice to our decision-makers in Annapolis
  • We want to hire Baltimore residents and businesses to clean up and fix the many toxic waste sites poisoning East Baltimore
  • We want meaningful Community Control of the Baltimore Police Department
  • We want to eliminate unfair fines and fees that punish honest people, and remove criminal penalties for civil infractions
  • We want to end the unjust and corrupt cash bail system so that public safety, not bail bondsmen's political connections, determine the course of justice
  • We want to protect senior citizens from foreclosures on their homes
  • We want to fund a statewide youth jobs program to guarantee a job to any youth who wants one

We are ready to go to Annapolis and have your back. But right now we need you to have ours. Will you support this historic change?

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Now let's get out there and win this election.

YOUR supporters always,

Glenn Ross & Andy Ellis, candidates for MD House of Delegates, District 45