Look around you -- are you satisfied with the way things are going in East and Northeast Baltimore?

For too long, the establishment delegates of the 45th District have failed to address the pressing needs of our neighbors by using the same, tired policies that just don’t work for the people. That’s because for too long, they have represented special interests, not us.

If you’re fed up with more of the same, vote to change the game on November 6th! Vote for Andy Ellis and Glenn Ross for House of Delegates!

By bringing the power of our communities to Annapolis, we will challenge the bosses and insiders to enact real reforms that bring meaningful change to you.

Our Approach

Glenn ross

How Glenn Gets Things Done

  1. Understand the problems by working directly with those most affected.
  2. Build coalitions of community members, policy makers, and institutions.
  3. Bring resources to the community that are in the hands of the people, not the politicians and developers.

Glenn will use this approach to bring investment from the federal and state governments back to Baltimore to clean up the many environmental hazards that plague our communities. This will include green job training (with certification and bonding), apprenticeship programs and leadership development opportunities through grassroots community organizations to remedy the destruction and decay which Glenn has spent his life documenting.

Steven "Andy Ellis

Three-Part Plan

  1. Create opportunities for residents and community leaders to advocate for themselves and their opportunities.
  2. Work with grassroots advocates and legislators who already have good solutions.
  3. Make new alliances throughout Baltimore and across the state to bring resources back to our district.

Andy Ellis will use this approach to pass much needed legislation focused on economic empowerment, criminal justice reform and youth opportunity. Andy has spent his career creating opportunity for people and grassroots organizations to grow. He will use that experience to advocate in Annapolis. This package of legislation will ensure that everyone has a pathway to succeed and that the barriers to success come down.

Together We will fight for YOUR issues with solutions that need to be in place NOW!

These are issues that your current delegates promised to fix but never delivered on. Why? Because the corporate donors and Annapolis leadership machine said "no!" Once the incumbents win the primary election, they think that there isn't a consequence for not keeping those promises. This November 6, in the general election, you have the final say about whether or not things are going in the right direction.

You will hear the machine and political insiders say that Greens have unrealistic solutions-so don't vote for them. Not true! Andy and Glenn have listened to you and your neighbors in the 45th District to develop their platform.

They will be adding more detail to existing issues and will be adding new issues and ideas each week as they talk residents and identify opportunities.

If you have an idea submit it here.


You can find our responses to the Baltimore Sun's Voter Guide for Andy and Glenn, or read about some of our priorities below.

Andy and Glenn will fight to:

  • Enact a $15 an hour minimum wage NOW: As cities, counties and states around the country take action to raise the minimum wage, Baltimore is falling further and further behind. The 45th District has one of the highest rates of woman-headed households, and women are more likely to work unfair low wage jobs than men are. The Mayor broke her election promise on $15 an hour, bowing to the developers and corporations, and our establishment Delegates failed to bail her out. Andy and Glenn will not back down until every Baltimorean earns at least $15 an hour, pegged to rise as the cost of living increases.
  • Clean up the many toxic waste sites poisoning east Baltimore: Glenn Ross has led “Toxic Tours” of East Baltimore for years, educating college students and professional groups to the dangerous pollution in our community. As President of the McElderry Park Community Association, he worked hard to secure a grant for over $900,000 from the Obama Administration, but he was never able to get funding to take folks from the neighborhood on his tours. Why? Because the companies that dumped the stuff and the politicians that helped cover it up don’t want you to know about it! Glenn and Andy will fight to create green jobs by tapping into Brownfield Superfund money to put you to work cleaning up your neighborhoods!
  • Give the community control of the Baltimore Police Department: We all know that the BPD is just as out of control as crime is. The elected politicians of the 45th District think "lock ‘em up, throw away the key" mandatory minimums are the answer. They just keeping turning a blind eye to police misconduct. Andy and Glenn know that we will only have safe neighborhoods when our police force answers to us and when there are economic alternatives to the hustle. We will fight to transform Maryland’s Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights -- the most regressive in the country -- to make the BPD and its runaway budget accountable to you! Andy and Glenn will fight crime by fighting for economic justice, for restorative justice practices and for direct community control over the police force.
  • End the criminalization of poverty: eliminate unfair fines and remove criminal penalties for civil infractions: The State of Maryland, one of the richest states in the country, should not balance its checkbook on your back. Andy and Glenn will work to peel back regressive fines and instead push for the use of positive incentives. When fines are necessary for public nuisance issues, they should never be attached to criminal penalties which make it harder to get a job, go to school or get a loan. This includes removing criminal penalties for MVA infractions and an end to debtor prisons.
  • Protect seniors from home foreclosure: Everyone should have the right to a roof over their head, most of all our seniors on whose shoulders we stand. Glenn beat the foreclosure system when they came for his home in east Baltimore. He and Andy will fight to make sure that our elders’ homes are safe from predatory lenders, water liens and scammers.
  • End the cash bail system: In 2018, the elected politicians from District 45 had a golden opportunity to end the abusive cash bail system. Instead, they chose to side with sleazy bail bondsmen who are cashing in on our neighbors’ misfortune, causing people to lose their jobs, apartments and families often for crimes they are never convicted of. Why? Because Delegate Talmadge Branch has taken an incredible amount of money from the bail bond industry -- big checks! Andy and Glenn will never take a dime from the bail industry and they’ll fight to make sure your neighbors never have to give them a dime either! They will work with progressives in Annapolis to ensure judges have alternatives to the discriminatory bail system and that no one goes to jail just because they are poor.
  • Guarantee a job to every youth who wants one: Every politician will tell you that the youth are the future of our community. But generations of Baltimoreans have grown up in schools unworthy of them and streets unsafe for them. We need to hold District 45 politicians responsible for failing our youth! In contrast, Andy and Glenn have a proven track record of mentoring youth to achieve great success, from debate league championships to street corner interventions. We know that when given the opportunity, our youth can achieve greatness. That starts with a decent-paying job for any youth who wants one. We will fight for a dedicated funding stream for YouthWorks, which currently has thousands more applicants than it can provide jobs for.

How will we bring the pressure necessary to make the Annapolis bosses work for us?

  • Create a permanent District 45 Stakeholders Coalition: Machine politicians survive by keeping communities in our district divided. We will change this! Andy and Glenn have a proven track record of building diverse, powerful, equitable coalitions across the city and state. Working with 3 different mayoral administrations, Glenn earned the reputation as a progressive and successful coalition builder. He first developed the Coalition for Beautiful Neighborhoods and then the Southeast Stakeholders Coalition. Andy has built coalitions across Baltimore through his debate and nonprofit work. This year he forged valuable alliances with other progressive groups in Annapolis, fighting for issues that are important to you. That’s when he saw firsthand that change needs to come to the 45th District so your issues are truly represented.