Why Glenn L. Ross Is Running

I believe that real community grassroots democracy and social justice can happen. It is essential to reorient our state-level politics toward these values and ensure that any state lawmaker puts the needs of the communities they serve above all else.

Career politicians have become the main obstacle to any meaningful progress. Rather than serving the needs and interests of the people of District 45, they serve to protect the power and profit of themselves, their deep-pocketed donors, and their fellow Annapolis bosses. Look around and ask yourself, have the last 50 years of powerful machine politicians in East Baltimore resulted in positive change? Meanwhile, the people in our communities have built a strong tradition of working any way they can to fight the problems the politicians have been happy to leave unsolved.

I know that people are always stronger when they work together than when they work apart. For 40 years, I have been telling the truth, building coalitions, advocating and bringing about real change that benefits the people and communities of Baltimore City. It's time to bring that work to Annapolis.

If you elect me as your state delegate, you know what you will be getting. I don't answer to any party bosses. I don't take money from any powerful interests, I have never let them buy me off (though they've tried many times!), and I never will. I'm not interested in playing their game. Together we can CHANGE THE GAME.