Glenn's Record of Community Leadership


Glenn grew up in the Berea neighborhood, then known as Fort Worthington. He graduated for Northern Senior High School.

He moved to McElderry Park in the early 1980's with the two young daughters he was raising as a single father.

After moving into the new home he gutted and renovated with his own hands, he quickly became an active member of his neighborhood's civic life and began a long journey of community leadership.


Glenn was the president of the McElderry Park Neighborhood Association for a total of seven terms. Under his leadership the association created job training programs and community support systems to help the neediest residents.


Glenn was appointed Director of the Baltimore Neighborhood Resource Bank. He was the first African-American man to lead any CPHA program. Under his leadership the program was proven to be so successful that it was expanded to become the Maryland Resource Bank.

GLENN ROSS: Urban environmentalist

Mr Ross has been fascinated with the urban environment since he was a boy and discovered that the sunflowers he and his friends picked seeds from on the way home from the park were actually part of a toxic soil remediation program. The memory of discovering large-scale deposits of poisons in his neighborhood that residents had no idea about drove Glenn over the years to document the toxicity hidden in plain sight in poor and minority neighborhoods across Baltimore.

Glenn has spent decades educating residents and people across the country about Environmental Racism, the way that minority communities have become the site of concentrated environmental degradation that would politicians would never allow to happen in a wealthy, white community. Thousands of locals and visitors to Baltimore have taken his "Toxic Tour", which takes them around the city to visit its numerous untreated toxic sites in residential neighborhoods, and shares the history of how politicians and developers created the conditions of "the ghetto" that have hollowed out so many strong Baltimore communities. His work with Baltimore students and universities have led to several important exhibits and reports that have had an influence on urban environmental activists across the nation.

Glenn Ross: Candidate for house of delegates

Now, after over 40 years of leadership, it is time for Glenn to serve East Baltimore in a new way: by taking his experience, wisdom, and deep concern for the community to Annapolis. Our incumbent politicians aren't getting the job done and seem to think that holding positions of high power and trading favors for the political elite are more important than serving the people who elected them. By helping to elect Glenn Ross and Andy Ellis as state delegates, you can be a part of a change in our political system that brings power back to the community and serves people over profit.